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Padres’ Robert Suarez Challenges Suspension After “Sticky Stuff” Ejection

Padres’ Robert Suarez Challenges Suspension After “Sticky Stuff” Ejection
(Credit: Ashley Landis/AP Photo)

During Wednesday’s game against the Marlins, San Diego Padres player Robert Suarez was asked to leave before he could start the eighth inning.

This was due to concerns that he was using a substance to help him grip the ball better, often called “sticky stuff”. On Friday, the Major League Baseball (MLB) announced he would be suspended from 10 games because of this. However, Suarez is challenging this decision.

When Suarez was about to play, the referees checked his equipment. After talking it over, the main referee, Todd Tichenor, decided Suarez couldn’t play. Here’s a glimpse:

Tom Cosgrove took over for Suarez and helped the Padres win 4-0.

After the game, both Tichenor and Suarez spoke to the press.

Since June 2021, referees have been checking players for this “sticky stuff”. If they find it, the player can’t play for 10 games. This year, they’ve been even stricter about it. Several players have been suspended, including Max Scherzer when he was with the Mets.

After the game, Suarez said he wasn’t sure if he’d challenge the suspension. “I need to think about what to do next,” he said.

Suarez, 32, has had an okay year. He’s played 13 1/3 innings for the Padres and has an average of 4.73. Last year, he did really well, with an average of 2.27 in 45 games.


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