Home MLB “Out Of My Hands”: With Fans Calling For His Head, Aaron Boone Knows End Might Be Near

“Out Of My Hands”: With Fans Calling For His Head, Aaron Boone Knows End Might Be Near

“Out Of My Hands”: With Fans Calling For His Head, Aaron Boone Knows End Might Be Near
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Despite being under contract through 2024, with a club option for 2025, New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone has expressed uncertainty about his future with the team.

The Yankees, once perennial contenders, have endured a massively disappointing season and were officially eliminated from playoff contention on Sunday.

Boone’s tenure has seen the team struggle to maintain its previous consistency, with this season’s .506 winning percentage marking the lowest during his six-year leadership and the franchise’s worst since 1992.

When questioned about his job security, Boone remained composed, saying: “No, I don’t worry about it. It’s out of my hands. I’m completely comfortable with who I am and the things I can control.”

Reports have suggested that general manager Brian Cashman has no immediate plans to dismiss Boone, leaving any potential decision in the hands of team ownership.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding his future, Boone appears determined to focus on the task at hand, stating: “My job is, in my mind, doing everything to head into the offseason to prepare to put us in a better position to try and compete for a championship. That’s what the goal is, and until they take that away, that’s my focus.”

Boone’s managerial career with the Yankees has been marked by consistent playoff appearances, with the team reaching the American League Championship Series last season, although they were swept.

The Yankees have reached the ALCS three times since 2017, with two of those appearances under Boone’s leadership.

Reflecting on the season, Boone emphasized the importance of organizational evaluation, saying: “I think that will be part of the conversations we have organizationally. I’ll step back and evaluate where I want to keep pushing forward on certain things and where you want to make adjustments. Hopefully, those align with us being in a better place.”

It’s clearly been a nightmare season for the Yankees – and Boone is far from the only one to blame.

Do you think he should be fired?

What do the Yankees need to do this offseason?



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