OLD-SCHOOL: Ohio State Leader Is Treating The Cotton Bowl Like The Super Bowl … Is This A Sign Of Things To Come??

Despite falling short of a coveted spot in the College Football Playoff this season, the 11-1 Ohio State Buckeyes are gearing up for a showdown in the prestigious Cotton Bowl against #9 Missouri. 

Buckeye fans were a tad surprised to hear that quarterback Kyle McCord decided to enter the transfer portal following what was a strong season.

However, if you thought transfers and opt outs were going to be a major theme for Ohio State, you’d be mistaken.

Defensive lineman Jack Sawyer didn’t mince words when addressing those who may deem the Cotton Bowl game “meaningless” following the Playoff snub.

“Pardon my French, but I think that’s bullsh*t,” Sawyer passionately said. 

In this day and age where there’s been such a change in how “normal” bowl games are viewed, Sawyer’s comments had to be sweet music to Ryan Day’s and every Ohio State fans’ ears. 

Other players confirmed to play in the Cotton Bowl include wide receiver Emeka Egbuka and defensive back Denzel Burke.

Both, with the potential to enter the NFL Draft, have yet to make a final decision on their professional futures.

This marks Ohio State’s third appearance in the Cotton Bowl, with previous victories in 1987 and 2017 against Texas A&M and USC, respectively.

Missouri, led by head coach Eli Drinkwitz, enters the matchup with a commendable 10-2 record.

Drinkwitz, who took over the Tigers program in 2020, is eager to secure his first bowl win and aims to make a statement against a major program like Ohio State.

Thankfully for Buckeye fans, it seems like Ohio State will be taking the game just as serious as Mizzou is.

Obviously, it’s unrealistic to think that every player has the attitude that Sawyer does … But do you think we’ll ever see top players start to take “normal” bowl games serious again?

Or will non-Playoff bowl games continue to be looked down upon as we head into the future???