OLD-SCHOOL!: Jared Goff Doesn’t Want Your Respect, He Just Wants To Win

When the Detroit Lions acquired Jared Goff in a headline-grabbing trade that sent Matthew Stafford to the Los Angeles Rams ahead of the 2021 NFL season, skeptics were quick to speculate that the Lions would be on the hunt for a new quarterback sooner rather than later.

However, Goff’s impressive performance over the last two seasons has defied those expectations, earning him the respect and support of the Lions organization.

Contrary to the external skepticism, Goff’s tenure with the Lions has seen him thrive on the field. In his time with the team, Goff has showcased his ability to lead the offense and deliver consistent results.

Despite his success, outside voices have remained hesitant to fully embrace Goff’s contributions to the franchise.

Addressing these doubters, Goff made his stance clear: “I don’t care,” Goff emphatically stated. “Don’t care. Don’t even know if I do or not. Try to win games for this team. That’s all.”

Goff’s indifference to external criticism highlights his unwavering focus on the team’s success. He acknowledged the motivation that comes from having a “chip on your shoulder” to prove doubters wrong, illustrating that while he may not completely tune out the outside noise, his primary concern remains his on-field performance and the success of the Lions.

The quarterback’s steadfast determination and his ability to rise above the noise have not gone unnoticed within the Lions organization. Head Coach and team officials have expressed their unwavering support for Goff and his contributions to the team’s progress.

As the Lions prepare for the upcoming season, Goff’s resilience and commitment are contributing factors to the optimism that surrounds the franchise.

The team’s decision to draft Hendon Hooker, a young quarterback coming off a torn ACL, suggests a long-term vision while Goff continues to lead the offense.

With Goff’s proven ability to overcome challenges and his willingness to embrace the underdog role, the Lions are poised to enter the upcoming season with renewed confidence and a determination to truly make their mark on the league.

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If there was ever a case of a #1 overall pick actually being underrated, it’s Goff.

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