Not Backing Down: Chippy Lou Holtz Takes Yet Another Shot At Ryan Day’s Buckeyes

Legendary Notre Dame coach Lou Holtz may be 86-years-old, but he’s as chippy as ever.

Of course, everyone remembers when he made headlines for (basically) calling Ohio State too soft to beat Notre Dame.

Needless to say, that fired up Ryan Day and the Buckeyes…

We all know how that story played out.

The Buckeyes knocked off the Irish IN South Bend in the final second of what has been the best game of the entire 2023 season thus far. 

Ohio State proved they were more than tough enough – and Day made sure everyone knew it…

After the game, all attention turned to Holtz to see what he had to say for himself.

To his credit, he didn’t back down and stood by his words, while giving credit to Day and the Buckeyes at the same time.

“He doesn’t want to talk about Michigan, you know, 0-2. He doesn’t want to talk about the big game coming up against Penn State and against Michigan,” Holtz told Outkick at the time. 

Fast forward to now, it seems like the Holtz’s frostiness for Ohio State is still very much alive. 

In Holtz’s latest FWAA Super 16 rankings, he has the Buckeyes ranked #9 – much, much lower than where most people have them pegged. 

His complete top-16 is as follows…

#1. Michigan
#2. Georgia
#3. Oregon
#4. Texas
#5. Washington
#6. Florida State
#7. Penn State
#8. Oklahoma
#9. Ohio State
#10. Notre Dame
#11. Alabama
#12. USC
#13. Ole Miss
#14. Miami
#15. Tennessee
#16. Washington State

You can certainly make an argument for a few of those teams being ranked ahead of Ohio State … But to have eight teams ahead of them???

What is your take on Holtz’s feelings towards the Buckeyes?

Where do you have Day’s team ranked?