Nine Universities Still In Contention For College Football Playoff

In a weekend filled with college football action, major developments have shifted the landscape of the College Football Playoff race. Here’s a breakdown of the key takeaways and what they mean for the upcoming playoff rankings:

1. Georgia Bulldogs (10-0):
Georgia solidified its position as a top contender by defeating Ole Miss in a commanding fashion. The Bulldogs showcased both an impressive resume and eye-catching performance, making a strong case for the top spot. The win against Ole Miss, coupled with earlier victories over ranked opponents, positions Georgia as a formidable force in the playoff picture.

2. Ohio State Buckeyes (10-0):
Ohio State, previously holding the top spot, faced a less challenging matchup against a 3-7 Michigan State team. Despite a convincing win, the Buckeyes might see a dip in the rankings as Georgia’s victories over tougher opponents have enhanced its resume. Ohio State’s strength lies in notable wins, particularly against Notre Dame, but the committee’s evaluation could be influenced by the overall landscape.

3. Michigan Wolverines (10-0):
Michigan delivered a significant win on the road against Penn State, showcasing resilience in the absence of suspended head coach Jim Harbaugh. The Wolverines’ ability to secure a statement victory against a top-25 team, even without their head coach, adds an intriguing dimension to their playoff candidacy. However, Michigan’s limited number of top-25 wins might keep them at the third spot.

4. Washington Huskies (10-0):
Washington strengthened its playoff resume by defeating back-to-back Pac-12 champion Utah. The committee’s close evaluation of Washington and Florida State remains a focal point, and the Huskies’ win against a ranked opponent contributes positively to their case. However, the narrow margin of victory and shared struggles in wins might impact their placement in the rankings.

5. Florida State Seminoles (10-0):
Florida State faced a tougher-than-expected challenge against unranked Miami, potentially raising questions about the Seminoles’ performance in wins. The committee places significance on how teams fare in their victories, and Florida State’s struggle to distance itself from Miami could influence its ranking. The absence of upcoming matchups against ranked opponents might also play a role in their ranking.

6. Oregon Ducks (9-1):
Oregon maintained its position as the top one-loss team, relying on its balanced offense and defense. While the Ducks secured a win against USC, their loss to Washington earlier in the season limits their ascent in the rankings. Oregon’s playoff hopes hinge on the performances of undefeated teams above them and the development of their own resume in the remaining games.

7. Texas Longhorns (9-1):
Texas secured a win against TCU, but the impact on their ranking might be limited, especially after a previous victory over Alabama. The Longhorns’ resume, including wins on the road, keeps them in contention. However, the head-to-head win against Alabama remains a significant factor, and Texas will need to continue building a compelling case for playoff inclusion.

8. Alabama Crimson Tide (9-1):
Alabama displayed impressive form, with quarterback Jalen Milroe accounting for six touchdowns against Kentucky. The Crimson Tide’s three wins against CFP Top 25 teams contribute to their strong resume. The potential rematch with Texas in a semifinal adds intrigue to their playoff narrative. However, the double-digit loss to Texas remains a factor, and Alabama will rely on further victories to enhance its standing.

9. Louisville Cardinals (9-1):
Louisville’s potential rise in the rankings is influenced by losses from Ole Miss and Penn State. Despite a narrow win against Virginia, the Cardinals remain in contention due to their one-loss record and the prospect of securing the ACC championship. However, a lack of quality wins and an embarrassing loss to Pitt might hinder their ascent in the rankings.

As the playoff picture evolves, each team’s performance in upcoming games will play a crucial role in determining their final rankings and playoff destiny. The committee’s evaluations, influenced by both resume strength and eye test, will shape the narrative leading up to the College Football Playoff selection.