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Nick Saban’s High Standards & Expectations Made Very Clear To New Coordinators

Nick Saban’s High Standards & Expectations Made Very Clear To New Coordinators
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Kevin Steele and Tommy Rees have assumed crucial roles within the Alabama Crimson Tide program.

With one seasoned by decades in the coaching world and the other brimming with the exuberance of youth, the duo aims to guide the Tide back to their accustomed national championship dominance under the watchful eye of Head Coach Nick Saban.

Steele, a seasoned coaching veteran with nearly 40 years of experience, has returned for his second stint as Alabama’s defensive coordinator. Having previously held the same position on Saban’s inaugural Tide team 17 years ago, Steele brings a wealth of knowledge and perspective to the table.

When questioned about restoring the vaunted “Alabama standard” for defense, the 65-year-old tactician remarked, “That’s kind of a loaded question in some regards. This process is built – and it started in ’07, I was here. It hasn’t gone anywhere, it really hasn’t.”

Steele acknowledged the evolving landscape of offensive football, underlining the challenges faced by defensive units in the modern game.

Meanwhile, 31-year-old Tommy Rees assumes the mantle of offensive coordinator for the Crimson Tide, marking the early stages of what is expected to be a promising career in coaching.

Rees, whose father Bill is also a respected figure in coaching circles, brings a robust football IQ and a defensive mentality to the offensive side of the ball. “He’s very tough. He’s got ice water in his veins,” praised Steele of his youthful counterpart.

Addressing the media for the first time since their appointments, Steele and Rees emphasized their commitment to molding Saban’s system rather than the other way around.

Both coaches are set to earn $1.9 million this year as they embark on their respective missions.

After a season that fell short of expectations, including a loss in the SEC Championship Game, the Tide looks to Rees to fill the quarterback position vacated by #1 NFL draft pick Bryce Young.

Rees refrained from tipping his hand regarding the quarterback competition, stating, “Fall camp is not the beginning of the end. You’ve got an opportunity to separate yourself, to show that you can play with consistency and play winning football at the position.”

The offensive line is another focal point for the Tide, with Rees acknowledging the need for improvement after a lackluster performance last season. Regardless of who takes the helm, Rees is determined to fortify the offensive front to bolster Alabama’s title aspirations.

Amidst the challenges and expectations, the camaraderie and respect between Steele and Rees are palpable. Their diverse skill sets and shared commitment to the Crimson Tide’s success may prove to be the formula needed to return the program to its championship level.

What do you expect out of Rees and Steele this season?

Will Rees have any growing pains as he adjusts to life in the SEC?

Is this the year Saban and company take the college football throne back from Georgia?



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