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Nick Saban CHEWS OUT Tide Legend

Nick Saban CHEWS OUT Tide Legend

Nick Saban’s temper and passion are legendary.

His commitment and drive for perfection are two of the main reasons why he’s the greatest college football coach of all-time.

He’s old-school and demands nothing short of excellence.

In this quest, the only people he is more tough on than his players (and officials) are his own coaches…

The newest staff member to feel Saban’s wrath just so happens to be one of his best players ever.

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix starred for the Tide from 2011-2013 before becoming a first-round pick in the NFL draft and completing a successful eight year career.

Clinton-Dix has returned to Tuscaloosa as an assistant on Saban’s staff.

If you think all of the fond memories with the Tide has bought Clinton-Dix a little grace period with Saban, well, you’d be wrong…

On his very first day in his new role, he was chewed out mercilessly by jolly old Saint Nick…

Of course, this should come to the surprise of no one…



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