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NFL World Reacts To Derek Carr’s Pro Bowl Joke


Quarterback Derek Carr helped the AFC win the precision passing competition in the 2023 Pro Bowl by racking up 31 points. That total was the highest among all six quarterbacks who participated in the event, and it’s fitting that he did it at the Las Vegas Raiders’ home turf, Allegiant Stadium.

But while he proved on-target with throws, his quip after the contest garnered the most attention. When ESPN’s Ryan Clark asked, “Have you ever been that hot in Las Vegas?” Carr responded, “Not that hot. It’s probably why I’m going somewhere else.”

His deadpan reply elicited laughs from the panel and reactions from the NFL’s who’s who.

“The expressions he makes after delivering this line are sending me,” said The Ringer Fantasy Football Show and The Ringer NFL Draft Show co-host Danny Kelly.

“Top rope? Man was telling the truth. Gambled on himself with contract extension and had one of his worst years with new regime. Looking forward to seeing what future brings for him with another new coach and coordinator. Always treated people with respect despite circumstance,” said Raiders insider Jerry McDonald.

“Can confirm Derek Carr to the Jets. My goodness! CC: @ChrisSchubert_,” said Cover 1 National Scout and 102.7 The Fanatic radio host Russell Brown.

“We stan!!,” said Mile High Sports lead Denver Broncos reporter Cody Roark.

“He’s right he hasn’t been,” said FanDuel TV Run It Back producer and co-host Eddie Gonzalez.

“This seems like a humorous self-own but everyone is acting like it’s a shot? Am I wrong here? He’s saying he never got that hot, which is why the Raiders wanted to move on,” The Athletic’s NFL staff writer Ted Nguyen said.

Carr and the team that drafted him in the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft would part ways after nine seasons if his response were prophetic. The Raiders’ front office also did not hide their intention of trading the four-time Pro Bowler or releasing him as a salary cap casualty.


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