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NFL World Reacts To A.J. Green’s Retirement Announcement

NFL World Reacts To A.J. Green’s Retirement Announcement

One of the most underrated players of this generation, A.J. Green, announced his retirement on Monday.

“Thank you. Thank you to all who have supported, encouraged, and inspired me throughout my career. Special thank you to the University of Georgia, Cincinnati Bengals, and Arizona Cardinals for the opportunity to pursue my dreams. I’ve stayed true to the game and it owes me nothing. Be blessed.. Love y’all! The next chapter begins…”

Green finishes his career with 727 receptions, 10,514 yards, 70 touchdowns and 7 pro bowl appearances.

For some, it’s easy to forget just how consistent of a weapon he was, especially in his early days in Cincinnati…

Although Bengal fans surely don’t forget…

Green was one of the more respected players in the league, both on and off the field…

At least one guy is happy A.J. is retiring…



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