NFL Superstar Admits He Learns Defenses By Playing Madden!

In the wake of Kyler Murray’s “Call of Duty” gaming controversy, Cleveland Browns wide receiver Amari Cooper has openly admitted to spending considerable time playing Madden during the offseason.

Unlike the uproar that surrounded Murray, Cooper’s gaming habits have been met with a more understanding response, given the football-related reason behind his excessive video gaming.

In a recent interview, the four-time Pro Bowler acknowledged that he has been dedicating a significant portion of his offseason to playing Madden, but he has a valid motive.

Cooper claims that immersing himself in the popular football video game has proven beneficial in enhancing his understanding of defensive schemes and overall football knowledge.

The revelation sheds light on how video games, once seen purely as a form of entertainment, are now being utilized by professional athletes as an unconventional yet effective tool to fine-tune their skills.

The level of detail and realism EA Sports has incorporated into Madden seems to have made the game a viable resource for players seeking a competitive edge.

Having said that, Browns fans are hoping that Cooper isn’t relying solely on Madden for his football preparations.

How impactful do you think Cooper’s unique studying method actually is?