NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN!!: Kalen DeBoer Scraps Long-Standing Nick Saban Rule … Is Alabama Getting Soft??

Nick Saban shocked the college football (and sports) world by abruptly deciding to retire from coaching.

At 72-years-old, we knew the day would come sooner rather than later. But no one expected it to be THIS soon.

It surely is an end of an era in not only Tuscaloosa but all of college football as a whole. 

Love him or hate him, Nick Saban is an absolute legend. It just won’t be the same without him on the sidelines. 

As far as the Crimson Tide are concerned, sure there might be a few growing pains, but with new head coach Kalen DeBoer taking over, it’s expected to be business as usual in Tuscaloosa. 

You won’t find too many people who have a problem with the DeBoer hiring.

Not only does his track record speak for itself, but he has also proven to be all about football and all about winning.

That may seem like a simple statement – but it’s not something to be taken for granted, especially at a program like Alabama.

In other words, things will look quite similar around Tuscaloosa as we transition from Saban to DeBoer.

However, there will be one significant change…

Unlike Saban, DeBoer will not only allow his assistant coaches to speak to the media this spring, but he will allow viewing sessions of practice to reporters as well. 

“The world has changed … Alabama will allow its assistants to speak to the media this spring – and there will viewing sessions at practices for reporters,” Brandon Marcello of 247Sports tweeted on X. 

This decision marks a significant shift from the past, where media access was limited and tightly controlled under Saban. 

DeBoer’s move to open up practices and allow assistant coaches to interact with reporters reflects a recognition of changing times and the importance of transparency in modern college football.

(Or maybe he just wants to earn some extra brownie points with the media.)

Alabama reporters have welcomed these changes, anticipating a more open and informative relationship with the coaching staff.

It’s a move that likely signals a departure from the secrecy and exclusivity that characterized the Saban era.

Having said that, at his core, DeBoer is an old-school football coach just like Saban is (was).

Although Saban’s (and Kirby Smart’s) vocabulary is known to be a tad more colorful than DeBoer’s…

One thing DeBoer has made clear is that Saban is always welcomed in his office and around the team and facility. (He does still have an office there after all.)

“I’m going to ask him that he shows up, makes sure that he gives me at least one thing every day,” DeBoer stated during his introductory press conference.

“I’m sure he’s going to have 10, but I’m going to be good with that … At least one thing that he sees, that we could get better at.”

What is your take on the DeBoer hire?

Is he the right coach to continue the Crimson Tide legacy?

Do you anticipate any growing pains???