MUST-WATCH: Angel Hernandez Strikes AGAIN & Bryce Harper Almost Knocked Him To The Moon

Angel Hernandez was up to his old tricks last night.

When the hell will Major League Baseball get rid of this guy??? He’s universally considered to be the worst umpire of all-time yet continues to get assignments.

Last night, Philadelphia Phillies superstar Bryce Harper fell victim to one of Hernandez’s worst calls ever.

During the Phillies game against the Pittsburgh Pirates, Harper clearly checked his swing on a full-count pitch that should have been ball four.

However, the home plate ump checked down to Hernandez (who was umpiring third base), and he shockingly said that Harper went around. 

(Maybe shocking is the wrong word to use when it comes to Hernandez.)

Replays clearly show that Harper came nowhere close to swinging at the pitch. It wasn’t even close enough for the home plate umpire to have to check.

But he did, and the end result was yet another Angel Hernandez masterpiece. 

Needless to say, Harper went berserk on Hernandez…

Harper was ejected and as he was leaving the field, he tossed his helmet into the crowd.

10-year-old Phillies fan Hayden Dorfman caught Harper’s helmet and was thrilled.

After the game, Harper said he wanted to sign the helmet for the fan (what a guy!)

In all honesty, how in the world is Angel Hernandez still a Major League umpire???

What is the single worst call you’ve ever seen in a baseball game?