MUST-SEE: Woman Gets Incredibly Awesome Dabo Swinney Tattoo!

In a display of unwavering loyalty and devotion to Clemson’s football program, one female fan has gone absolutely viral for her amazing Dabo Swinney tattoo.

The striking tattoo showcases Swinney touching Howard’s Rock, a cherished symbol of Clemson’s football tradition. The image, permanently etched onto her leg, quickly caught the eye of onlookers at a recent event.

FOX Carolina News reporter Carmine Gemei was on the scene to capture the remarkable moment.

You have to admit, that’s a pretty sweet tattoo.. No, it might not be the most realistic, but it’s pretty awesome regardless.

Swinney himself caught a glimpse of the tattoo and was blown-away.

He happily autographed his name above the tattoo – and the fan promptly visited a tattoo parlor to have the signature permanently inked.

Swinney’s impact on Clemson University and the state of South Carolina has been profound since he took over the helm in 2008.

Under his guidance, the Tigers program has achieved unparalleled success, with numerous College Football Playoff appearances, national championships, 10-win seasons, and ACC titles.

As the upcoming 2023 season approaches, Clemson once again finds itself among the top 10 in national rankings. There’s hope that quarterback Cade Klubnik could possibly be Trevor Lawrence 2.0.

(Okay, that might be a stretch – but Klubnik is a damn good quarterback.)

Most people consider Swinney the third best head coach in the country behind Nick Saban and Kirby Smart – Do you agree?

What is the best sports tattoo that you’ve ever seen?