MUST-SEE: Facing 50 YEARS In Prison, Lawyer Offers Inspiring Defense Of “ChiefsAholic” Using Nothing But Football Analogies…

Ah yes, our old buddy “ChiefsAholic” is back in the news.

In case you need a reminder, ChiefsAholic (aka Xaviar Michael Babudar) is the lovable die-hard Kansas City Chiefs fan who famously dressed in a wolf costume for games, both home and away.

Unfortunately, ChiefsAholic recently battled an irresistible urge to rob banks across the heartland.

Sure enough, he was busted – thanks in large part to him deciding to rob a bank while flashing his single most-identifiable feature, his wolf mask.

ChiefsAholic pleaded guilty in federal court to charges stemming from the series of robberies.

His guilty pleas include charges of money laundering, transporting stolen property across state lines, and bank robbery.

He confessed to participating in nine bank and credit union robberies in 2022, along with two additional bank robberies committed while he was a fugitive from justice. The stolen money was laundered through casinos and online gambling platforms.

The repercussions of his actions are severe as he faces a potential sentence of up to 50 years in federal prison without parole.

Additionally, he is required to pay at least $532,675 in restitution to the victim financial institutions. Furthermore, he must forfeit an autographed painting of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, which the FBI has already recovered.

Clearly, the case is quite crazy to say the least.

Making the whole situation even crazier was ChiefsAholic’s lawyer, Matthew Merryman, who spoke to the media outside the courthouse.

Merryman would go on to not only speak glowingly of ChiefsAholic’s honor and accountability, but do so in football terminology…

“From the beginning of this case, folks, the government has been blitzing and Xaviar’s pocket was collapsing,” Merryman exclaimed. “But today Xaviar stepped into the pressure. He took responsibility for his actions. He stood up in court, humble and repentant and admitted what he had done.”

“Now, if I know anything about Xaviar and if the Chiefs Kingdom knows anything about ChiefsAholic, we know that he doesn’t give up,” Merryman continued.

“We know that if he stumbled and he fell, he didn’t let his knee touch the ground. And that’s because he’s capable of doing a great thing and he knows that there’s still hope.”

How inspiring!!

Merryman concluded his statement by appealing to the support of Chiefs fans, emphasizing ChiefsAholic’s love for the organization and the entire city of Kansas City.

“We still have a lot of work to do on this case, but Xaviar wants everyone to know that he loves the Chiefs Kingdom, he loves Kansas City and he hopes that you’ll rally to his support. Thank you, and God bless,” Merryman concluded.

Taking the seriousness of the crimes out of the equation for a second … You have to almost admire and respect Merryman’s inspiring defense of his football-loving client.

Kind of makes you want to run through a brick wall for the poor bastard, doesn’t it???

What are your thoughts on this crazy story?

What kind of sentence does ChiefsAholic deserve?

Do you think he’d trade the Chiefs back-to-back Super Bowl’s for his freedom? … Or would he gladly do the time knowing he can lay his head on the prison pillow as a champion???