MORE Diggs Drama: Trevon Bashes Josh Allen & Calls For Brother Stefon To Leave Bills

In one of the biggest surprises of the NFL season, the Denver Broncos shocked the Buffalo Bills on Monday night. 

The stunning home loss dropped the Bills to 5-5, which is pretty remarkable considering how talented they are.

But as we know, talent only goes so far – and games are never played on paper.

Heads have already rolled in Buffalo with the firing of offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey.

One thing you can always count on with the Bills, besides them underachieving, is drama with star wide receiver Stefon Diggs.

He’s a great player and you have to love his competitiveness … But man oh man, is he a headache to deal with.

In fairness to Stefon, this time the headache is being cause by his brother, Dallas Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs.

After the game, the protective brother took to social media to express his desire for Stefon to get the hell out of Buffalo. 

You can chalk it up to frustration … However, whining on social media is never the answer for anything.

Trevon then lost all credibility with his next tweet where he made it sound like Stefon is the reason for quarterback Josh Allen’s success. 

It’s a foolish and immature stance to take.

Allen is an excellent quarterback. Diggs is an excellent receiver … Together, they bring out the best in each other.

All three of those statements are true.

The bottom line is the Bills are in a funk right now and the clock is ticking … The one thing that is not going to help their situation is unnecessary drama coming from Diggs’ family.

When Buffalo is clicking, their A+ game is just about the best in the entire league … Their knockout punch is deadly.

The problem is they struggle to consistently play at that high-level.

Yes, a lot of the problem has to do with Allen’s reckless turnovers – But the fact of the matter is the offense relies too heavily on him to be Superman.

Combined that with Buffalo’s painfully predictable play-calling, and you have a team that’s playing with one hand tied behind their back.

It’s no coincidence that Dorsey was fired. The offense hasn’t been nearly the same since the departure of Brian Daboll.

If they re-find their identity, get more creative and take just a little less off Allen’s plate, they’ll be right back to being the Super Bowl contenders we know they can be.

For that to happen, BOTH Allen and Diggs need to work together and play up to their potential.

Do you think the Bills can get things turned around in time???