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Months Too Late, Yankees Finally Let Go of Josh Donaldson

Months Too Late, Yankees Finally Let Go of Josh Donaldson
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This seems like a decision that could have been made earlier. Celebrating it now might be missing the point. There was a time when Josh Donaldson’s presence on the Yankees didn’t make much sense, especially during the earlier parts of the season when they were doing well. Many believe that financial reasons kept him on the team. But because of choices like this, the team isn’t in a great position as September approaches.

Recalling the original trade deal is tough. The Yankees took on Donaldson and his considerable salary for the next two years because Brian Cashman wanted a return for Gary Sanchez. Instead of just releasing the catcher, he went to Minnesota to exchange him and Gio Urshela for IKF, Ben Rortvedt, and Donaldson. This move hasn’t worked well for Cashman, echoing some of his recent decisions. Rortvedt hasn’t been hitting well, IKF had to adjust to a new position, and Donaldson hasn’t found his stride. The Yankees missed out on top shortstop options like Corey Seager and only lightly addressed their need in that area. Even though Volpe seems promising, the team missed a golden opportunity during a time when many players were available.

Cashman made some interesting remarks about Gio after their deal.

While Gio Urshela might not be a star, his performance in the last two seasons would have been a significant boost for the current team. Donaldson’s recent performance has been below par, and he’s been struggling. Additionally, Gio was a more budget-friendly choice which might have allowed for a better investment elsewhere. It seems like Cashman tried to outthink everyone, but it hasn’t gone well.

Surprisingly, Cashman might see this move as a win. Though it would have made more sense earlier in the season, it shouldn’t excite fans now. It’s more about making space on the roster than anything else. It’s likely Austin Wells will be called up soon, which is a positive, but many believe he should have been playing earlier. Over the next month, only a few seasoned players like Judge, Gleyber, and DJ should be in action. The focus should be on giving newer players a chance.


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