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MLB’s Pace Of Play Results Are Fascinating

MLB’s Pace Of Play Results Are Fascinating

The biggest storyline in baseball thus far is the new pitch clock rules.

It’s a strange sight for anyone who is used to the old pace of play when pitchers (and batters) could take virtually all the time they wanted in-between pitches.

A new world is upon us however – and so far, the results have been very interesting.

By all intents and purposes, MLB is accomplishing what they set out for.

First of all, the pitch clock has been better received by players than expected.

And as far as actual results, the proof is in the pudding…

According to Jeff Passan of ESPN, spring training games have been 25 minutes shorter than compared to those at this time last year.

Not only that, actual “action” is up across the board as well…

This is excellent news for the league office who no doubt will hope these trends continue into the regular season.

Of course, there will always be baseball “purists” who will never be satisfied and will downright rebel against any and all rule changes.

Nonetheless, the baseball world reacted to these fascinating statistics on social media…

“Plus the players will be off their feet for 30-60 min more per game than years past. They will have more rest so they will likely play better further into the season. It will be really interesting to watch. Seems like mixed reviews from players/coaches, but those numbers don’t lie.”

Great tweet by @JeffPassan! When in doubt always look at the data! To summarize, a faster game with roughly the same amount of runs with more action (hits, stolen bases)! A better product on the field! There some kinks to iron out but a great start!”

How horrible, a better played game, played significantly faster, where every swing isn’t focused on launch angle & a hitter’s spin rate. Who would have thought? But still people want to go back to 4 hours & 25k’s a game due to every swing going for the fences. #pitchclock rules.”

“A better product. i can’t wait to go to a great game and get home at 1030pm.”

“I suspect people said the same thing about lowering the pitcher’s mound and the DH. Baseball survived.”

“Huge time change.”



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