MLB Legend Albert Pujols Considering A Managerial Career: Should Teams Be Interested??

The MLB offseason is officially underway as teams get set to improve their rosters ahead of the 2024 season (which will be here before you know it).

The St. Louis Cardinals are coming off a horribly disappointing season, finishing with a miserable 71-91 record and settling in the last place in the NL Central.

Cardinals legend Albert Pujols, who recently bid adieu to his illustrious playing career after the 2022 season, has now opened up about the potential of pursuing a managerial career.

“I think if the right time comes and it’s the right scenario, of course (I’d be interested) – what player doesn’t want to be a manager?” Pujols told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

“For me, my time will come if it’s the right thing. If you have the opportunity to be a minority owner of the team or you’re looking to get into that spot, I am learning that from the commissioner’s (office).”

“I knew everything from the field, and I still learn a lot there. Now, I look at it from the other side. Why are you doing that? You’re preparing yourself to look at the game and now talk about it, from this different angle,” he added. 

The prospect of Pujols potentially returning to St. Louis in a managerial capacity has sparked plenty of excitement among the Cardinals fan base.

The beloved Pujols spent 12 of his 22 seasons in St. Louis.

Do you think he would make a good manager?

Should the Cardinals, and others, be interested in pursuing Pujols???