Mike Gundy Makes His Strong Opinion On Deion Sanders Extremely Clear

Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes have stormed onto the college football scene, earning admiration and respect from the majority of fans, players and coaches.

One such admirer is Oklahoma State’s head coach, Mike Gundy, who had nothing but praise for Sanders and his unique coaching style.

Gundy spoke about what has come to be known as the “Prime Effect” and expressed his genuine admiration for the transformation Sanders has initiated at Colorado. He even added a touch of humor, acknowledging Sanders’ numerous commercial appearances.

“Somebody asked me about him three or four weeks ago. Here’s the thing with Coach Sanders. I don’t know him, but here’s what I like. He’s going to do what he wants, the way he wants to do and he believes in, and he don’t care what anybody else thinks,” Gundy explained with a grin.

“Now he may be making more from Burger King and Aflac and whoever else, and it might not matter, but more power to him.”

Gundy’s admiration didn’t stop at Sanders’ off-field charisma – he also lauded Sanders for his coaching style and expressed excitement about Colorado joining the Big 12 next year.

“From a distance, what I see is, this is what he believes in, and this is what he did,” Gundy continued. “Now I haven’t really seen them play much. I saw them play a little bit against TCU, but I haven’t seen them play anymore.”

“But the part I did see is his son is making a lot of plays. He’s a really good player, making a lot of plays, and they’re playing to his strengths. I thought that was good.”

Gundy concluded by emphasizing the positive impact Colorado’s resurgence has on the Big 12 conference as a whole.

“It’ll be great for our conference. He’s certainly proved that you can get rid of your whole team, bring a new team in, and play good,” Gundy said, highlighting the remarkable turnaround engineered by Prime and the Buffaloes.

The Buffs are embarking on a rocky road ahead and they have a massive target on their back – but that’s just the way they like it.

Do you think Deion and the Buffaloes will be able to continue their success?

Or have their early wins been a bit of fool’s gold?