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Mike Gundy: Bedlam Rivalry Is Dead & Hated Sooners Are To Blame

Mike Gundy: Bedlam Rivalry Is Dead & Hated Sooners Are To Blame

With the impending departure of Oklahoma and Texas from the Big 12 to the SEC, Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy expressed his disappointment and belief that this season would mark the end of the iconic Bedlam rivalry.

Speaking at the Big 12 media days, Gundy shared his thoughts on the situation.

“In football, Bedlam is history in my opinion,” Gundy told ESPN. “OU chose to go to the SEC. When they did, they took Bedlam with them.”

“[Oklahoma athletic director Joe] Castiglione is a friend of mine, but when he and their president decided to go to the SEC, they took Bedlam with them. Do I like it? No. I like tradition.”

Gundy, who has a fondness for the old Big Eight and the traditions of college football, expressed his disappointment at the changing landscape. “I like rivalries. I like the things in college football that have been around forever, but that’s not going to matter anymore. All those things are history.”

While Oklahoma State’s schedule is set through 2037, Gundy questioned the possibility of the SEC scheduling another Power 5 opponent if they move to a nine-game conference schedule, stating it wouldn’t be wise “from a business perspective.”

He acknowledged that nobody likes the situation, but admitted that Bedlam is now a thing of the past.

The rivalry between Oklahoma and Oklahoma State has been the Big 12’s most-played rivalry among current teams.

Despite the impending loss of Bedlam, Gundy remained optimistic about the Big 12’s future. He highlighted the recent additions of BYU, Houston, Cincinnati, and UCF to the conference as suitable replacements, ensuring that the Big 12 remains “on solid ground” even without Oklahoma and Texas.

Gundy even hinted at the possibility of further expansion, suggesting that the Big 12 could potentially return to having 16 teams in the near future.

He acknowledged that conference realignment is driven by TV revenue and believes that the landscape will continue to change.

Big 12 commissioner Brett Yormark confirmed that the conference has a plan in place for the future but did not disclose specifics. He expressed satisfaction with the current composition of the conference and the excitement brought by the four new member schools.

However, Yormark indicated that the Big 12 would pursue opportunities that align with their goals and objectives, should they arise.

As the college athletics world eagerly awaits the Pac-12’s TV deal announcement, Gundy speculated on potential schools that could fit well within the Big 12.

He mentioned Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and Arizona State as possibilities based on location and television market considerations, but clarified that it was merely his guesswork.

Amidst the uncertainty of conference realignment, one thing is certain for Gundy: the end of the Bedlam rivalry is fast approaching and will leave a massive void on the college football scene.

Will you miss Bedlam when it’s gone?

Michigan-Ohio State is regarded as the best rivalry in college football – but how far behind is Bedlam?



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