Microphone Records Heated Verbal Exchange Between Anthony Edwards And Draymond Green (VIDEO)

In a heated matchup on Sunday night, the Minnesota Timberwolves secured a 116-110 victory against the Golden State Warriors, showcasing the talents of Anthony Edwards.

Known for his on-court banter, Draymond Green, the star player for the Golden State Warriors, was caught on a hot mic engaging in some trash talk with Anthony Edwards of the Minnesota Timberwolves. The verbal exchange unfolded with just five minutes remaining in the game, sparked by a foul committed by Green during a transition play. Edwards, not one to back down, responded with intensity, leading to a heated on-court confrontation.

Anthony Edwards dominated the game, contributing 33 points on 11-of-27 shooting. His standout performance included a technical foul earned after an emphatic dunk over Dario Saric, followed by some trash talk directed at his opponent.

Undeterred by the altercation, Edwards continued to shine in the final minutes of the game, adding another 10 points to his impressive tally. Notably, two of Edwards’ last three field goals were made over Draymond Green.

With this victory, the Minnesota Timberwolves improved their record to 7-2, securing the third-best position in the highly competitive Western Conference. Meanwhile, the Golden State Warriors faced a setback, dropping to a 6-5 record for the season.