Michael Vick’s “Greatest Coach Of All-Time” Pick Shocks Football World

In a recent episode of the It Needed to Be Said podcast, former controversial quarterback Michael Vick challenged the widely accepted notion that Bill Belichick is the greatest NFL head coach of all time.

Instead, Vick passionately argued that his former coach, Andy Reid of the Kansas City Chiefs, deserves the coveted title of GOAT. 

While acknowledging Belichick’s impressive resume with the New England Patriots, Vick made a case for Reid’s superior coaching prowess.

“He might be the greatest coach of all time,” Vick declared, expressing his admiration for Reid. “You don’t have to win as many championships to be considered. I love that man to death. Like for real, I’d do anything for you.”

Some skeptics might dismiss Vick’s opinion as biased due to his personal connection with Reid during their time together with the Philadelphia Eagles.

However, Vick’s endorsement of Reid goes beyond their shared experience. Under Reid’s guidance, Vick experienced a career resurgence and was awarded the prestigious Comeback Player of the Year accolade in 2010.

Examining Reid’s extensive coaching career, it becomes apparent that he possesses a strong case for the GOAT status.

Since assuming the role of head coach in 1999, Reid has consistently demonstrated his leadership abilities. After spending 14 years with the Eagles, he joined the Chiefs and has maintained an impressive coaching record of 247 wins, 138 losses, and 1 tie.

Reid’s coaching achievements further bolster his claim to greatness. He has two Super Bowl championships to his name and has been honored as Coach of the Year. Such accomplishments, coupled with his ability to develop successful teams throughout his career, set him apart from his peers.

While Bill Belichick undeniably boasts an even more impressive resume with 298 wins, three Coach of the Year awards, and an astounding six Super Bowl victories, Vick remains resolute in his belief that Andy Reid surpasses him as the greatest coach that’s ever lived.

As the Chiefs attempt to win back-to-back Super Bowl titles, Reid will have the opportunity to prove Vick’s assessment right.