Home NFL Michael Vick Offers Interesting Advice For Tua Tagovailoa: Can He Be Saved??

Michael Vick Offers Interesting Advice For Tua Tagovailoa: Can He Be Saved??

Michael Vick Offers Interesting Advice For Tua Tagovailoa: Can He Be Saved??

Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is in an interesting situation entering the 2023 season.

He has flashed plenty, but health and concussion concerns have become a major worry for him going forward. 

In a recent appearance on Tyreek Hill’s It Needed To Be Said podcast, former NFL quarterback Michael Vick shared his thoughts on Tua and offered him some interesting advice.

Vick emphasized the importance of Tua’s physical development, urging him to add some bulk and strength to his frame.

“I just think he’s got to bulk up a little bit,” Vick expressed. “Get a little bit bigger. Get stronger. As you grow into your man body, that’s what needs to happen. Ain’t nothing wrong with picking up another 10 pounds, 15 pounds.. Don’t get hit. Don’t get knocked around.”

Vick’s comments align with the notion that a quarterback’s durability plays a significant role in their effectiveness on the field. Acknowledging Tua’s efforts to improve his ability to fall safely through jiu-jitsu training, Vick emphasized the importance of avoiding hits altogether.

“Tua has been working on how to fall, by studying jiu-jitsu. But Vick is right; it’s far better to avoid the hit at all than to learn how to fall after getting hit.”

The conversation surrounding Tua arose when Vick highlighted the change in Tyreek Hill’s situation, where he no longer catches passes from the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes.

Hill countered by proclaiming his new quarterback, Tua, as the “most accurate quarterback in the league.”

Initially agreeing with Hill, Vick swiftly retracted his statement upon realizing the weight of his endorsement.

“I ain’t gonna say the most accurate, I’m just saying like his ball – he throws a catchable ball,” Vick clarified. “He throws a real catchable ball. If you watch what he did in college… every ball was on the money. Soft, right where the receiver [was], in stride.”

Vick’s observation highlights Tua’s strengths as a passer, emphasizing his accuracy and ability to place the ball in favorable positions for his receivers.

While the debate continues regarding Tua’s accuracy compared to other quarterbacks in the league, there is no denying his potential impact on the Dolphins success.

Despite facing scrutiny, Tua has demonstrated his proficiency in running the Mike McDaniel offense, contributing to victories when he is on the field.

The main challenge for Tua and the Dolphins in the upcoming 2023 season will be his ability to stay healthy and remain on the field consistently.

Can Tua stay healthy going forward?

Is he a product of McDaniel’s system, or can he truly be an elite NFL quarterback?



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