Michael Oher Talks About Issues With The Tuohy Family At Book Event.

Former Baltimore Ravens lineman, Michael Oher, who became the focus of the film ‘The Blind Side’, recently held a book signing for his new memoir, but steered clear of discussing the pending lawsuit against the Tuohy family.

While interacting with fans, Oher was clear about not delving into details regarding the lawsuit but did hint at standing up for oneself.

In recent legal filings, Oher claims that, despite the film’s success, he hasn’t seen any profits from ‘The Blind Side’, while the Tuohys allegedly amassed substantial earnings. He further alleges that, contrary to popular belief, he was never formally adopted by the Tuohys and that they persuaded him to sign papers giving them conservatorship rights over his affairs.

He hopes the lawsuit will terminate this conservatorship.

In response, Sean Tuohy told the Daily Memphian that without their support, Oher couldn’t have pursued football at the University of Mississippi, or Ole Miss. The Tuohy family counters that all proceeds from the movie were fairly divided, and their attorney claims that Oher demanded $15 million, threatening negative publicity if not paid.

The film narrates the story of Oher’s challenging upbringing and how the Tuohy family supported his journey to football stardom.