Micah Parsons Issues Severe Warning To George Kittle For Wearing A “F*CK DALLAS” Shirt

The San Francisco 49ers unleashed hell on the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night.

The Niners 42-10 demolition of “America’s Team” was the single-most impressive performance of any team this entire season.

San Francisco tight end George Kittle was one of the main stars of the night as he hauled in three Brock Purdy touchdown passes. 

Kittle decided to take his taunting of the Cowboys to a whole new level as he lifted up his jersey to display his undershirt which read “F*CK DALLAS.”

Footage of Kittle’s display quickly went viral on social media, causing a major stir among Cowboys fans everywhere. 

Dallas All-Pro linebacker Micah Parsons, who saw the footage, didn’t hold back when offering his thoughts on the matter during his show, “B/R’s The Edge with Micah Parsons.”

“He said, ‘Eff Dallas.’ Yeah. I just feel like he’s making it way more personal than it had to be,” Parsons stated.

“Kittle’s my guy, but I’m gonna say this – laugh now, cry later. We’ve got something for that. Just trust. Just trust … If we see them again, just trust. Laugh now, cry later.”

Parsons was already a trending topic following the game when he asserted that he still believes the Cowboys are a superior football team to the 49ers despite the blowout.

“I don’t think [the 49ers] are at a higher level than us,” Parsons said. “I think we’re the same caliber playoff team. Same talent. Same standards. I just feel like we need to reconsider … and fix some things … The score doesn’t really show what happened out there.”

Sunday’s game was a measuring stick for the Cowboys – and the Niners proved that, as of now, they are in a league of their own.

What did you make of Kittle’s t-shirt? 

In the grand scheme of things, do you think the Cowboys can ultimately reach the 49ers level?

Wouldn’t it be great to see these two meet again in the playoffs?!?