Mets’ Pete Alonso Reportedly a Trade Target for Brewers During MLB Deadline Push

The Milwaukee Brewers were keen on acquiring the New York Mets’ first baseman Pete Alonso during the trade deadline, as reported by The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal. Interestingly, while a Brewers executive felt the deal was almost sealed, a Mets insider believes otherwise.

With Alonso’s free agency looming in 2024, the Mets face a tough decision about the future of the 28-year-old standout hitter. His record so far speaks volumes: in almost five major league seasons, he’s notched a .254 batting average, smashed 185 home runs, and earned three All-Star Game nods. This season is shaping up well too, with Alonso nearing his third 40-homer season.

However, Alonso’s position as a right-handed first baseman does pose challenges. Teams have been wary of locking in long-term contracts with players fitting this profile as they approach their 30s. While it’s not a direct comparison, the decline of Houston Astros’ first baseman José Abreu might make the Mets apprehensive about a similar commitment to Alonso.

The Mets’ overall strategy is also in flux. They were busy during the deadline, parting ways with several key players, including Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander. If they are now looking at a longer-term rebuilding phase, Alonso’s immediate future may be reassessed.

On the Brewers’ side, they managed to bring in experienced first baseman Carlos Santana from the Pittsburgh Pirates after the Alonso deal didn’t materialize.