Maxx Crosby Lets World Know How He Feels About Josh Jacobs Holding Out

As the Las Vegas Raiders kick off their training camp, running back Josh Jacobs remains absent after not signing the franchise tag used on him by the team. However, one thing is certain – Jacobs has the unwavering support of his teammate, defensive end Maxx Crosby.

Crosby, known for his tenacious pass-rushing skills, spoke to reporters about his bond with Jacobs, stating: “No matter what, Josh is like a brother to me. He knows what’s best for him, and I’m going to support him in any way I can.”

The defensive end’s backing for Jacobs comes as no surprise, given the camaraderie the two players have developed on and off the field.

While Jacobs’ absence from training camp might raise concerns among Raiders fans, Crosby empathizes with his teammate’s situation. He acknowledged that Jacobs, as a grown man, needs to make decisions that align with his best interests and those of his family.

Crosby added: “He’s got to do what makes sense for him, and I completely understand that.”

The running back’s presence on the field has undoubtedly proven invaluable to the Raiders in the past, and his return to training camp would be a welcomed sight for the team.

However, until a resolution is reached between Jacobs and the organization, the running back’s holdout continues to linger, leaving fans uncertain about his eventual return.

Amid the Jacobs saga, the spotlight has also been on the Raiders’ new quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo, who joined the team on a lucrative three-year, $72.75 million contract in March.

Speaking about Garoppolo, Crosby expressed his admiration for the new signal-caller, stating: “He’s a dog, and I love it. And I am not just saying that because he’s my QB.”

Crosby’s remark indicates that Garoppolo’s competitive spirit and dedication have already left a positive impression on his teammates.

As the Raiders navigate through the preseason, they will eagerly await Jacobs’ decision on reporting to training camp. While his absence leaves questions about the team’s offensive potential, the support shown by teammates like Crosby demonstrates the camaraderie and bond that runs deep within the Raiders locker room.

How and when do you think Jacobs’ situation will be resolved?

He probably wasn’t too thrilled when Saquon Barkley caved and reported to Giants camp.

Regardless, the Raiders need Jacobs – and they both know it.