Max Scherzer Pulls Curtain Back On Nightmare Mets Tenure: Does It Tarnish His Legacy??

In a surprising turn of events leading up to the 2023 MLB trade deadline, veteran pitcher Max Scherzer found himself contemplating a move he had not foreseen – a trade away from the New York Mets, a team he had joined with hopes of winning the World Series.

The unexpected trade saw Scherzer heading to the Texas Rangers in exchange for promising prospect Luisangel Acuna.

Speaking candidly on a recent appearance on “Foul Territory,” Scherzer shared his initial disbelief at the idea of being traded.

“I didn’t think I was getting traded,” he admitted, expressing his assumption that the Mets might deal some of their impending free agents instead.

However, a few days before the trade deadline, Scherzer began to notice a shift.

“It was a couple of days before the deadline, all of a sudden, a couple of guys across the league were reaching out to me, saying, ‘Would you come to this team? Would you waive your no-trade clause for us?’ That’s when something became peculiar to me. I figured the Mets were going to sell off the impending free agents.”

The 39-year-old former Mets pitcher revealed that multiple teams had expressed interest in acquiring him, but ultimately, Texas emerged as the most suitable option for him and his family in the long run.

Despite settling in as a Texas Ranger and finding success with wins in his first two starts, Scherzer expressed a sense of nostalgia for what could have been with the Mets this season.

He praised Mets owner Steven Cohen for his transparency during the trade negotiations, acknowledging the difficult decisions the organization had to make as they opted to reshape the team’s trajectory.

Scherzer recalled a meeting with Cohen and general manager Billy Eppler, where the direction of the team became evident.

“I was thankful. They were very honest, very forthcoming. It became obvious which way the team was gonna go and the best decisions for everyone involved.. You signed up there to win and you really thought we’d have a chance to win there. Obviously, we didn’t and that’s what stinks.”

The Rangers impressive performance this season, has put them in the spotlight for a potential postseason run.

This success echoes what many had initially expected from Scherzer’s former team, the Mets, after a substantial investment in building the 2023 roster.

Scherzer acknowledged Cohen’s proactive approach, stating: “There’s other owners that don’t do that, come up short when the team needs it. That’s frustrating as a player because you feel like you’re so close to being able to do something great for the organization.. I was very fortunate to be a part of the Mets.”

Reflecting on his time with the Mets, Scherzer concluded with a mix of gratitude and wistfulness.

In 42 regular-season starts, he compiled an impressive 20-9 record and a 3.02 ERA, but his lone playoff start with the team last year ended in disappointment, as he was charged with seven runs in just 4 2/3 innings.

How much does Scherzer have left in the tank?

Will he help the Rangers make a legitimate World Series run?

Will the fact that he’s become a glorified mercenary in his career affect his overall legacy?