Matt Rhule Puts College Football World On Notice

Matt Rhule may have been a disaster in the NFL, but no one can deny he’s a great college football coach.

From his program building success at Temple and Baylor, very few people doubt his ability to continue similar success with his newest home. 

And that newest home sure comes with a lot of expectation and responsibility.

Rhule will try to restore glory to one of the most historic and prestigious programs in all of college football – the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

By all accounts, he certainly seems to be making a great impression – From recruiting to being active in the community, you see Rhule all over, proudly representing Big Red. 

He’s trying to build a culture of toughness – and I must say, the latest piece of evidence of his immediate impact is pretty damn cool.

Rhule held an early-morning workout session out in the snow in negative 10 degree temperature.

You could say some recruits would be turned off by the thought of practicing and playing in such cold weather.

But then again, those are the exact recruits that Rhule would have absolutely zero interest in…