Matt Rhule: My Cornhuskers Will Be “Tough As Sh*t!”: Is He A Top 5 Coach??

New Nebraska Head Coach Matt Rhule has sure made his mark on the Cornhuskers program since being introduced in Lincoln. 

Besides being a sharp recruiter and prolific program builder, Rhule has the reputation of creating a family environment within his programs that instills confidence and belief in his players. 

“I will not get to game week and then change who I am just to try to win a game; I’m playing with the real ones. I’m playing with the real dudes. I’m playing with the real guys,” Coach Rhule passionately emphasized to his team.

Embracing challenges and adversity is a hallmark of Rhule’s coaching philosophy. He encourages his players, coaches, and staff to embrace the difficulties that come their way, understanding that true toughness is forged through action, not mere words.

“So when it gets hard, embrace it. Embrace it, that’s what I’m doing. Those who are with me, coaches, players, staff, everybody. We go through this process to come out at the end of the season knowing we’re tough as sh*t. You don’t get tough by talking; you get tough by doing that and trying to kill it,” Rhule emphatically stated. 

The Cornhuskers players are not just athletes under Coach Rhule’s guidance; they are part of a close-knit family that shares a collective vision of growth, resilience, and success.

Rhule’s commitment to instilling unwavering belief in his players and fostering a mentorship-driven approach has the potential to create a lasting impact that extends far beyond the football field.

As the 2023 season looms, the Cornhuskers and their fans have every reason to believe in the transformative power of Coach Rhule’s leadership.

He’s won every single place he’s been (at the college level that is).

Taking over a proud, historic program such as Nebraska is a great responsibility for Rhule. He is fully embracing the task of restoring the Cornhuskers to their place among the nation’s elite. 

Is Rhule a top five coach in college football?

How do you think he’s going to do at Nebraska?

Will he take the Cornhuskers back to being a perennial top ten program? If so, how long will it take him?