Mariners Owner Angers Fans By Hinting That They’re Not Interested In Shohei Ohtani

The Seattle Mariners are on a nice little run as they attempt to capture a Wild Card spot in the American League.

While the team’s focus remains firmly fixed on their current season, speculation about their potential offseason moves has already begun, and the intriguing possibility of pursuing Los Angeles Angels two-way superstar Shohei Ohtani has taken center stage.

As the Mariners prepare for the remainder of the season, questions have arisen about their plans for the upcoming offseason.

In an exclusive interview with Taylor Soper, the managing editor of Seattle-based GeekWire publication, Mariners owner John Stanton addressed the rumors surrounding Ohtani.

When asked about the chances of Seattle pursuing the sought-after player, Stanton revealed the team’s approach.

“We focus on developing great players. We believe that the best player for us over time is going to be a young player that we’re able to have all the way through our system and develop,” Stanton explained.

“We will look at free agents every offseason to fill needs. From our point of view, Ohtani is the unicorn. We’ll clearly look at him, we’ll clearly be in the conversation. But I think we’ve got a great team with or without him.”

Stanton’s remarks emphasize the Mariners focus and commitment to cultivating talent from within their organization.

While he remained cautious not to violate the league’s tampering policy, Stanton left room for speculation by acknowledging the team’s interest in Ohtani without making any definitive statements.

It’s worth noting that the Mariners were among the finalists vying for Ohtani’s services back in 2017, showcasing their previous interest in the versatile player who has turned out to be arguably the best baseball player in the world.

One undeniable factor is Ohtani’s looming payday. His contract is expected to exceed an astonishing $500 million and will most likely be the most lucrative deal in baseball history.

The question on everyone’s mind is whether Stanton and the Mariners front office will be willing to make such a significant financial commitment.

While making it clear that they’ll do their fair share of exploring, Stanton’s words weren’t overly comforting for Mariners fans who are hoping to make a true run at Ohtani.

Where do you think Ohtani will end up?

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