Home NCAA Marcus Freeman Reflects On His Ohio State Bashing Comments: Do You Believe Him??

Marcus Freeman Reflects On His Ohio State Bashing Comments: Do You Believe Him??

Marcus Freeman Reflects On His Ohio State Bashing Comments: Do You Believe Him??

Notre Dame head coach Marcus Freeman caused a bit of a stir with comments he made ahead of last season’s opening game against Ohio State.

Freeman, a former player at Ohio State, discussed his decision to coach at Notre Dame instead of LSU, and his remarks sparked criticism from Ohio State fans as he took a few shots at the school.

Of academic standards, he said of Ohio State: “You don’t go to class (at places like that).. OK, take some online classes, show up for your appointments. At Notre Dame, you’re forced every day to go to class.”

He also said about taking the Notre Dame job that he wants “to thank God that (he) didn’t make the wrong decision twice” – apparently a reference to him committing to Ohio State over Notre Dame as a player, and that being a mistake.

However, Freeman recently took a moment to reflect on his words from a year ago and expressed regret while acknowledging the valuable lessons he learned.

In an appearance on The Pivot podcast, Freeman admitted that his comments were a poor choice of words and expressed remorse for any misunderstandings they may have caused. He recognized that the experience that followed was necessary for his personal growth as a coach.

“That was an eye-opening experience for me, you know, but I needed it,” Freeman said during the podcast interview. “You need to learn. You need those lessons to learn, and I think about that article, that Player’s Tribune, and you kind of do it where you’re being interviewed, they write it for you kind of like that, and so you’re thinking you’re talking to Notre Dame fans, right?”

Freeman explained that he had assumed he would only be addressing Notre Dame fans when making those comments.

However, he acknowledged that they were read by people nationwide, including the passionate Ohio State fanbase. He regretted the impression his words gave, clarifying that he did not regret his decision to choose Ohio State as a player.

“Poor choice of words because that’s all people at Ohio State read. You regret your decision to choose Ohio State,” Freeman stated. “I wouldn’t be where I’m at without those years in Columbus, Ohio, and I value every part of it.”

By reflecting on the incident, Freeman demonstrated maturity and a willingness to learn from his mistakes.

He emphasized the importance of choosing words carefully, especially when addressing a national audience. Despite the initial controversy, Freeman’s commitment to personal growth and respect for his past experiences were evident in his recent remarks.

Or so it seems…

Do you believe he was sincere with his “apology” (if that’s what you want to call it)?



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