Lourdes Gurriel Jr. Bids Farewell To The Diamondbacks Via Instagram

The Arizona Diamondbacks pulled off a game-changing trade in December 2022, one that’s now etched in their history books as possibly the finest deal in recent memory. In this transaction, they welcomed Lourdes Gurriel Jr. into their ranks, while bidding adieu to Gabriel Moreno, who set sail for the Grand Canyon State.

Gurriel, in his sixth MLB season, defied all expectations and left an indelible mark. He shattered his career record with a whopping 24 home runs, maintained a sturdy .261 batting average, and clinched his maiden All-Star nod. But he didn’t stop there; Gurriel emerged as a steady force in the D-backs’ lineup during a postseason run that no one saw coming.

From a remarkable seven-game hitting streak to launching three unforgettable home runs and driving in an impressive 11 runs, Gurriel’s contributions were nothing short of pivotal in Arizona’s triumphant October campaign.

Yet, it’s with a heavy heart that we report that Gurriel won’t be making an encore appearance in the desert. On a somber Monday, he took to his Instagram account to bid farewell, leaving Diamondbacks fans teary-eyed. Among the comments, Gabriel Moreno expressed his sentiments with a heartfelt, “I miss you already.”

With Gurriel’s exceptional 2023 performance and his newfound status as a free agent, there’s no doubt that the bidding war for his talents will be fierce. Playoff-contending teams are sure to line up with substantial offers during this offseason.

Though perhaps anticipated, this news is a bittersweet moment for Diamondbacks devotees. Lourdes Gurriel Jr. became a beloved figure in a short span, etching his name in the hearts of fans with his remarkable tenure in Arizona.