Lions OC Ben Johnson: Underrated Jared Goff Is The Reason I Stayed

Detroit Lions Offensive Coordinator Ben Johnson has made headlines by turning down head coaching offers this offseason and choosing to stay with the Lions for another year.

One of the key factors behind his decision, according to Johnson, is quarterback Jared Goff.

In an interview with The Athletic’s Dan Pompei, Johnson expressed his admiration for Goff and their strong bond.

“He’s one of the biggest reasons why I didn’t want to leave,” Johnson said. “I feel we are tied together to a degree. He’s an extension of me, and I’m an extension of him. I’ve told him multiple times his success is my success and vice versa.”

Goff also spoke about the unique dynamic he shares with Johnson. “I’m a math nerd, and he’s much more of a math nerd than I am,” he revealed.

“We both resonate with statistics and percentages and weighing options through the lens of numbers.” This shared analytical approach seems to have fostered a deep understanding between the two.

The quarterback acknowledged that his opinion is highly valued by Johnson, emphasizing the importance of their strong relationship.

Goff feels confident that anything he communicates to his offensive coordinator will be taken seriously, creating an environment conducive to open communication and collaboration.

Moreover, Johnson holds Goff in high regard as a talented player. Having been the number one overall pick for the Los Angeles Rams, Goff’s skills and abilities on the field have not gone unnoticed by Johnson.

“Super talented,” Johnson said of Goff. “He’s one of those guys who can make every throw in the book. High-level player.”

While Goff’s stock may have dipped towards the end of his tenure with the Rams, where the team managed to reach the Super Bowl but scored a mere three points in the game, he now has the opportunity to rejuvenate his career with the Lions.

And their ultra-coveted offensive coordinator seems to be driving the hype train.