Lincoln Riley Shocks CFB World By Giving Stunning Praise To Rival Deion Sanders

It’s no secret that new Colorado Head Coach Deion Sanders has completely overhauled his roster, sparking heated debates and divided opinions within the college football world.

While some criticize the way Sanders ousted former members of the program, others commend his aggressive approach, especially his heavy reliance on the NCAA transfer portal to rebuild the team.

The decision has garnered attention and has drawn strong reactions from notable figures in the college football world. Among those who expressed admiration for Sanders’ tactics is Lincoln Riley, the head coach of the USC Trojans.

During the Pac-12 Media Day, Riley took the opportunity to commend Sanders, acknowledging the rules and parameters that come with college football team management.

“I give (Sanders) credit,” Riley stated. “We all know what the rules are. We all know what the parameters are. And our job is to build the best teams that we can for the universities that give us the opportunity to do it. No excuses.”

While some have been supportive of Sanders’ methods, there are others, like Oklahoma head coach Brent Venables, who took an opposing stance and faced backlash from some college football fans.

However, Riley’s vocal support for Sanders has earned him significant praise from the broader college football community.

The aggressive rebuilding through the NCAA transfer portal has become a polarizing strategy, and the college football world remains divided on its effectiveness and ethics.

Nevertheless, Sanders’ commitment to reshaping the Colorado roster and Riley’s endorsement of his efforts have brought the debate to the forefront of college football discussions.

Like Riley said, Deion didn’t break any rules and is merely doing what he feels is best for his program – which is exactly what any head coach should do. 

What is your take on this brave new world of NIL and the new transfer policy?