Las Vegas Rates The Top Six College Football Teams

College football analyst Phil Steele has unveiled his latest Vegas Power Ratings for Week 11, providing a unique perspective on team strengths. Unlike traditional rankings, Steele believes that Vegas power ratings reveal the true pecking order by assessing who would be favored in hypothetical matchups.

In Steele’s updated ratings, Michigan claims the top spot, edging out Georgia. While the AP poll and CFP rankings differ, Steele’s approach puts Oregon in the third position, slightly ahead of Ohio State.

Florida State and Alabama follow as the next-strongest teams based on these power ratings.

Here’s a look at the top 10 teams in Steele’s Vegas Power Ratings:

1. Michigan (135.48)
2. Georgia (133.70)
3. Oregon (132.76)
4. Ohio State (132.67)
5. Florida State (130.45)
6. Alabama (129.64)

Michigan has had a dominant season, consistently defeating less formidable opponents. However, their strength of schedule ranks 111th out of 133 FBS teams, according to ESPN. The Wolverines face a crucial test as 4.5-point favorites against Penn State, a victory that could significantly bolster their postseason prospects, especially if they also overcome Ohio State.

Steele and the CFP committee are in alignment by placing Georgia second in their rankings. The Bulldogs have maintained an impressive 26-game winning streak since their loss to Alabama in the SEC Championship Game.

Despite a loss to Washington, Steele’s model gives Oregon a higher rating, highlighting their nation-leading 47.4 points per game and a convincing 35-6 victory over Utah.

On the other hand, the CFP places significant emphasis on Ohio State’s undefeated record, particularly their hard-fought victories against Notre Dame and Penn State. According to the Vegas Power Ratings, Ohio State might be the underdog when they face off against Michigan in Ann Arbor.

Alabama, though currently out of the top four in the CFP rankings, remains in contention, especially if they maintain their lead in the SEC West and claim the conference title by defeating Georgia.