Lane Kiffin Rubs Mario Cristobal’s Face In The Mud For Making Arguably The Dumbest Decision In CFB History

By now, you no doubt know all about Miami’s disastrous 23-20 last-second loss to the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.

The Hurricanes entered the game undefeated with hopes of making a run at a Playoff spot.

However, you can kiss all of those hopes goodbye forever following what can only be considered as one of the dumbest coaching decisions, if not THE dumbest, in college football history.

The seconds were ticking off the clock. The Canes were up 20-17 and Georgia Tech was all out of timeouts. 

All Miami had to do was take one knee and the game would be over.

But for some inexplicable reason that no one will ever know, Cristobal decided to run the ball … Sure enough, running back Donald Chaney Jr. fumbled, and the Jackets recovered…

With just one second remaining, Georgia Tech quarterback Haynes King connected with Christian Leary for the game-winning touchdown…

(We could have a never-ending discussion about this horrific defensive play-call, but that’s a story for a different day.)

In the aftermath of the game, Lane Kiffin (through his dog’s X account), fired a shot at Cristobal…

“That’s my dad fist-pumping cause he took a knee at the end! Not every [coach] does that,” Kiffin’s “dog” Juice tweeted.


As if things couldn’t get worse for Miami fans, Cristobal never directly took blame for the decision to not take a knee.

Instead of taking clear and direct responsibility, he offered a ridiculous word-salad in his postgame press conference…

“Not going to make an excuse for it, say we should’ve done this or that. That’s it. We should’ve done it. Sometimes you get carried away with just, finish the game and run it. I should’ve stepped in and said, ‘Hey, just take a knee,'” Cristobal said, while also pointing the finger at Chaney Jr. for fumbling. 

As many pointed out, this was not the first time Cristobal has done something like this…

It’ll be fascinating to see how the Hurricanes emotionally recover from this nightmare…


What is the single-worst coaching decision of all-time?

Considering the circumstances, Cristobal’s blunder has to be wayyy up on the list?