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Lane Kiffin Bashes Pac-12 For Allowing Conference’s Demise To Happen

Lane Kiffin Bashes Pac-12 For Allowing Conference’s Demise To Happen
(Source: WBIR.com)

The Pac-12 is experiencing a massive upheaval as multiple prominent programs have chosen to abandon the conference, seeking new opportunities in the Big 12 and Big Ten.

The departures have triggered a wave of criticism and concern from coaches, athletes, and fans alike – as it’s becoming clearer and clearer that the conference soon may no longer exist. 

The latest voice to join the chorus of criticism is Ole Miss football coach Lane Kiffin, who took to social media to express his dismay.

The catalyst for Kiffin’s comments was a heartfelt statement from a Pac-12 athlete, Shannon Cunningham, who shed light on the reasons she initially chose the conference and why she is now disheartened.

Cunningham, a member of the Arizona State softball team, explained: “I chose to play in the PAC-12 because of the ability to play close to home and in front of family. I chose the PAC so my family didn’t have to worry about far travel or giving up all their vacation time just to come see me. This affects athletes in every sport + academics.”

In response to Cunningham’s poignant remarks, Kiffin didn’t mince words.

He tweeted: “Sorry they obviously didn’t think about how it would affect the ones that actually have to play, travel, and go to class the next day!!” 

The Pac-12 exodus has been gathering momentum, with eight teams already bidding farewell to the conference. UCLA, USC, Oregon, and Washington are set to join the Big Ten, while Utah, Arizona, Arizona State, and Colorado are poised for the Big 12.

With Stanford, California, Washington State, and Oregon State as the remaining Pac-12 schools, more changes are expected to be announced in the near future.

The decision of these programs to leave the Pac-12 has sparked intense debate and speculation within the college sports community.

The once-unified conference now stands at a crossroads, and the implications for athletes, fans, and the broader landscape of collegiate athletics are significant.

While it’s true that football largely pays for the “smaller” college sports to survive, we are truly entering a brand-new world filled with uncertainty.

What are your thoughts on all the conference realignment?

What do you think will end up happening with the four remaining Pac-12 schools?



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