Kyle Shanahan Gets Uncomfortable When Asked To Pick Between Brock Purdy & Christian McCaffrey … Who’s The REAL MVP??

In one of the best stories in football, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy has emerged as the favorite (alongside Dak Prescott) to win the NFL MVP award.

Nipping at his heels is his all-world teammate, running back Christian McCaffrey.

Despite Purdy’s dominant stats, many people think that McCaffrey is the true straw that stirs the drink in San Fran.

So, between the two, who deserves the MVP more? 

Head coach Kyle Shanahan was asked just that…

“I mean, are you trying to get me in trouble with those two guys? That’s the only reason I wouldn’t overly comment on either one of them because I don’t want them to cancel each other out,” Shanahan said.

“But, if any non-quarterback’s going to get an MVP, I don’t get how Christian McCaffrey can’t. I mean, he’s amazing in what he has done all year,” he added.

Shanahan emphasized the dilemma of choosing between the two outstanding players, acknowledging McCaffrey’s remarkable performance throughout the season.

“If it’s going to a quarterback, then I don’t have to talk about Christian. I can talk about our quarterback. If his numbers are all you see, then I think that solves it up. But, if you watch the film, then it makes it even stronger, which to me is the most important thing,” he said.

Historically, the MVP award has favored quarterbacks, with Adrian Peterson being the last non-quarterback to win in 2012.

As the league continues to devalue running backs, McCaffrey’s exceptional is impossible for anyone to ignore … Although, we all know McCaffrey is far more than just a running back.

Despite the incredible season both Purdy and McCaffrey are having, it’s safe to say the hardware both are more interested in is the Lombardi Trophy.

At 10-3, the 49ers are in great position to clinch the top overall seed and secure not just a bye but also homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. 

But getting back to the topic at hand … Who do you think the NFL MVP is?

Who would you rather have on your team – Purdy or McCaffrey???