Kadarius Toney Lives Up To Immature Reputation As He Vulgarly Attacks Giants Fans

It’s no secret Kadarius Toney is despised among New York Giants fans.. After all, he was never healthy and was accused by many of exaggerating his injuries and not fighting to be out on the field.

There was an enormous sigh of relief when he was finally traded away to the Chiefs.

However, the animosity between Toney and the Giants has ratcheted back up following the draft-bust’s vulgar attacks on the fan base. 

Toney, who is fresh off winning the Super Bowl with the Kansas City Chiefs, continues to make headlines with his controversial remarks about his former team.

Despite major red-flags and character issues coming out of Florida, he was drafted by Big Blue with the 20th pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Despite his flashy talent, Toney struggled with injuries during his time in New York and was virtually never available to play.

Following a major overhaul in the front office, the Giants were hoping to establish a new culture – but Toney appeared unwilling to fully buy into the changes and team-first environment.. As a result, General Manager Joe Schoen decided to trade Toney to the Chiefs last season.

During Kansas City’s Super Bowl clash against the Philadelphia Eagles, Toney played a significant role in the Chiefs victory – contributing with a 5-yard touchdown catch in the fourth quarter and a 65-yard punt return that set up another score.

However, even after his success with the Chiefs, Toney couldn’t resist revisiting his contentious relationship with the Giants.

Last week, he launched a profanity-laden tirade against the new regime, reigniting the drama surrounding his departure.

Giants fans, eager to taunt Toney, provoked him on Twitter, prompting him to respond with more heated remarks.

One Twitter user mockingly criticized Toney’s music and suggested he missed former Giants quarterback Daniel Jones, insinuating that was the reason behind his anger.

In response, Toney sent a threatening voice message around 3 a.m., challenging the user to confront him in person.

The fan retorted, pointing out Toney’s frequent injuries and disparagingly called him a “bum b—-.”

Toney appeared to reply by telling the fan to stop messaging him unless they were willing to share their address.

Another Twitter user claimed to have received a direct message from Toney, where he insulted their appearance and advised them to focus on getting liposuction rather than bothering him.

In another tweet, he dismissed Giants fans’ concerns about him and urged them to prioritize convincing running back Saquon Barkley to sign a contract extension.

Predictably, amidst the controversy, Toney now claims that he was hacked, attempting to distance himself from the inflammatory remarks.

Needless to say, many fans think that was a cowardly lie.

Toney’s ongoing feud with the Giants is not entirely surprising, as he previously stated that his Super Bowl ring would be worn on his middle finger as a message to everyone in New York.

If ever healthy, Toney has the potential to be a significant contributor as both a punt returner and receiver for superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs.

The Giants, meanwhile, were more than happy to just get Toney out of their building – and as a bonus used the third-round pick they received for trading him to acquire elite tight end Darren Waller.

Looking back on it, who do you think won the trade?.. Will Toney be able to keep his act together in Kansas City?

Either way, it’s a horribly unprofessional look for him to be vulgarly attacking Giants fans on social media.