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Jose Ramirez Says Tim Anderson Has Ignored His Apology Attempt For Knockout

Jose Ramirez Says Tim Anderson Has Ignored His Apology Attempt For Knockout
(Source: AP Photo / Sue Ogrocki)

What started as a seemingly routine baseball play quickly escalated into an all-out brawl between Chicago White Sox Tim Anderson and Cleveland Guardians Jose Ramirez.

The incident took place during Saturday’s game, capturing the attention of the sports world. 

Ramirez expressed his frustration with the situation, revealing his attempt to extend an olive branch to Anderson in a post-brawl interview with MLB insider Hector Gomez. “I have tried to apologize to Tim Anderson, but he has not answered me,” Ramirez disclosed.

“He’s a good player. What happened is something that does not go with my way of being. Everyone who knows me knows that I’m not a troubled man. I like to play hard and try to help my team.”

The clash between the two players led to suspensions being handed down, with Anderson receiving a six-game suspension and Ramirez facing a three-game suspension, effective as of Monday.

While Anderson has a reputation for being a polarizing figure in the world of baseball, his refusal to acknowledge Ramirez’s attempt at reconciliation has only further fueled the controversy.

Anderson had been the instigator in the brawl, dropping his glove and initiating physical contact with Ramirez.

The drama extended to social media as well, with Anderson taking a jab at Ramirez on Twitter, which he quickly deleted. Anderson’s actions indicate a lack of willingness to take responsibility for his role in the brawl.

What are your thoughts on the brawl?

Anderson is far from the most popular player in baseball.. If Ramirez is telling the truth, this will be just another strike against Anderson in many people’s books.



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