Home NFL Johnny Manziel Makes SHOCKING Admission About NFL Career: Is He The Biggest Bust Ever??

Johnny Manziel Makes SHOCKING Admission About NFL Career: Is He The Biggest Bust Ever??

Johnny Manziel Makes SHOCKING Admission About NFL Career: Is He The Biggest Bust Ever??
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In a candid new Netflix documentary, “UNTOLD: Johnny Football,” former NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel opens up about his massive failure in the NFL and the reasons behind his downfall.

The documentary sheds light on his lack of dedication, off-field habits, and his diminishing passion for the game that ultimately led to his short-lived professional career.

Selected as a first-round pick by the Cleveland Browns in 2014, Manziel’s rise to the NFL was met with high expectations. However, his time in the league was fleeting, lasting only until the conclusion of the 2015 season.

His underwhelming NFL stats include a mere 14 games played, eight starts, 1,675 passing yards, seven touchdowns, and seven interceptions.

The documentary reveals a pivotal aspect of Manziel’s NFL demise: his work ethic, or the lack thereof. In a particularly revealing scene, Manziel admits, “I watched zero tape during my time in the NFL.”


This stunning revelation highlights the lack of commitment he displayed towards honing his skills and understanding the game at a professional level.

Manziel’s off-field behavior also played a substantial role in his NFL downfall. Party lifestyle and drug use contributed to his negative image and raised concerns about his commitment to the sport.

Manziel acknowledges his failure to fully dedicate himself to his craft, a crucial factor in his struggles on and off the field.

The documentary portrays Manziel’s growing disillusionment with football during his tenure with the Browns. He confesses that the sport was no longer enjoyable for him, and he began to distance himself from the team.

This emotional detachment further compounded his challenges and hindered his ability to succeed in the NFL.

“UNTOLD: Johnny Football,” now available for streaming on Netflix, offers a glimpse into Manziel’s tumultuous journey and the factors that contributed to his NFL downfall.

There’s no doubt Johnny Football was his own worst enemy. He sabotaged any chance he may have had at a successful NFL career.

Despite being undersized, his talent was undeniable. Football is the ultimate team sport, yet he (virtually) beat Nick Saban’s Alabama Crimson Tide single-handily in college.. No one does that.

Needless to say, he was an absolute bust in the NFL.. But who do you think is THE biggest bust of all-time?



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