Joel Klatt Explains What Ryan Day’s Epic Rant Means For the Buckeyes & The State Of Ohio

Last weekend, Ryan Day provided us with an epic moment of raw emotion when he called out legendary Notre Dame coach Lou Holtz for doubting the toughness of his team.

Nearly everyone loved what Day had to say, with the exception of Michigan and Notre Dame fans.

There’s no chance you haven’t seen the rant by now – But just for the record, here it is…

The thrilling last-second victory against the Irish certainly proved Ohio State’s toughness.

While some questioned Day’s decision to call out the 86-year-old Holtz, FOX Sports lead college football analyst Joel Klatt highlighted the fact that Day’s message was intended for one audience and one audience only – the people of Ohio. 

“If you’re an Ohio State fan, you think he has your back. If you’re an Ohio State player, you think he has your back. That’s who it was meant for,” Klatt said.

Klatt’s initial reaction to Day’s postgame speech was a little different.

“It was awkward. I was like, ‘Ooh, is this the right way to go.’ And then I think to myself and say, ‘do you know what this is? This is exactly what he wanted for the people who want to receive it,'” Klatt said.

For the Buckeye faithful, Day’s speech carried a powerful message. Klatt likened the coach’s delivery to that of a skilled politician addressing their base.

“He’s speaking to his base. He’s talking about ‘the narrative ends tonight, we had one bad half two years ago. What is this? You’re a joker. Don’t talk about my kids that way,'” Klatt said.

What did you think about Day’s rant???