Joel Klatt Details How Jim Harbaugh’s Against-The-Grain Approach Has Given Michigan The Best Culture In CFB

We’ll see what becomes of the new scandal surrounding Jim Harbaugh and Michigan.

Regardless, in the grand scheme of things, Harbaugh has done an outstanding job with the Wolverines. 

He has arguably the best team in the entire country this season and has a legitimate chance to win the national championship. 

FOX Sports lead college football analyst Joel Klatt appeared on “The Herd with Colin Cowherd” and spoke to just how great of a job Harbaugh is doing.

Klatt went as far as to say that Michigan has the single-best culture in all of college football – and that has everything to do with Harbaugh’s tougher-than-you approach.

“Jim has built a great program and he’s done it in a unique way in a day and age in which the sport is built around offense and tempo and volume,” Klatt said.

“He’s gone the opposite direction and built his program about culture and toughness, power and grittiness and I’ve referred to them as like the boa constrictor of college football. Just kind of squeeze you to death, and they don’t really panic.”

“This is his deepest team that he’s ever had. I will not be shocked if Michigan breaks the record of players drafted in one single draft next spring.”

Do you agree with Klatt?

What do you think about Harbaugh as a coach?

Do you think he has a return to the NFL in the back of his mind? … Or will he stay at Michigan for the long-haul?

Will the Wolverines win the national championship this season?