Jimbo Fisher Finally Opens Up About A&M OC Bobby Petrino: Will It Work??

In a recent interview with ESPN, Texas A&M head coach Jimbo Fisher addressed the rumors and concerns surrounding his decision to hand over playcalling duties to the new offensive coordinator Bobby Petrino.

Fisher assured fans and critics that the transition has been smooth and has brought a fresh perspective to the team’s offensive approach.

Fisher, who is entering his sixth season with the Aggies, expressed his confidence in the hiring of Petrino and emphasized that it was the right move to bolster the team’s offensive capabilities.

The Aggies faced a disappointing 5-7 season the previous year, and Fisher acknowledged the need for improvement in their scoring offense, which ranked 101st nationally with an average of 22.8 points per game, with 24 or fewer points scored in nine out of 12 games.

“Why wouldn’t you bring in someone like Bobby who’s done it at the level he has?” Fisher said. “We get along as well or better than anybody I’ve coached with. We communicate well. We share ideas, not afraid to challenge each other, anything to get where we want to be on offense.”

“He’ll make us better and knows that I’m still going to be in the offensive room some, but going to be in the defensive room some, too.”

Fisher lightheartedly addressed the media’s interest in their working relationship, joking about the supposed clashes between him and Petrino over control of the offense during spring practices.

“Yeah, we’ve had three wrestling matches, two boxing matches,” Fisher said, chuckling. “I mean, it’s been awesome. He’s done a great job recruiting. When we played against each other [as head coaches], he would study our film and I would study his film. There were not a lot of guys that did the stuff we did.”

The decision to relinquish playcalling duties was not a hasty one for Fisher. He revealed that he had been contemplating the move since his time at Florida State and had experimented with the idea for a few weeks before making it official at Texas A&M.

Despite the change, Fisher affirmed that he would remain actively involved in the offense, wearing a headset during every game, and making key decisions as a head coach would.

“But every head coach does,” Fisher said. “Let me ask you this: Does Nick [Saban] call the defense [at Alabama]? But he’s involved. Any head coach is. That’s what a head coach does. In situations, they make decisions. Are we going for it? Are we not going for it? Is this the time to take a shot? I mean, every head coach does that.”

Senior receiver Ainias Smith, who witnessed the transition firsthand, praised Petrino’s energy and tenacity during the first offensive meeting of the spring.

“The energy [Petrino] brought that day was what you really noticed, just his tenacity,” Smith said. “He wants to win and do things right. It’s sort of like your parent that tries to teach you to do it right, and then you turn around and play sports, and your coach is like the father figure and your father steps away and lets the coach do his job. They have worked very well together on the field and off the field and brought family into the picture.”

Smith, who is recovering from a broken leg, expressed excitement about the versatility in Petrino’s offense and his eagerness to showcase his skills in the shotgun formation.

“He’s going to use all his guys, get them the ball, and you’re going to see a lot of movement,” Smith said.

Petrino is one of three former head coaches on Fisher’s staff, alongside defensive coordinator DJ Durkin and offensive line coach Steve Addazio. Fisher emphasized the importance of hiring coaches with diverse experiences and opinions, highlighting that great coaches aren’t afraid to bring talented individuals on board.

“One of the things Fisher likes best about Petrino is his obsession with the sport,” Fisher said. “He’s very focused. He’s very driven. He loves football. He loves to coach football. He likes the X’s and O’s of football, and he likes the relationships with his players.”

On the defensive side, lineman McKinnley Jackson raved about the potential of the offense under Petrino.

“I feel bad for every defense…except for ours,” Jackson said, expressing confidence in the offensive scheme and Petrino’s ability to put points on the board. “We’ve got to complement them on defense and get a lot of three-and-outs so he can run up the scoreboard. We ain’t going to take our time scoring.”

As the upcoming college football season approaches, Texas A&M fans eagerly anticipate seeing the new offensive strategy under Petrino’s guidance and how it will impact the team’s performance.

How do you think Petrino will work out as playcaller?

The heat is certainly on Fisher this season. Do you think he will get the Aggies back on track?