Jim Harbaugh Names The Best Quarterback In All Of College Football: Do You Agree With Big Jim??

The Michigan Wolverines just keep on rolling.

No, they haven’t faced the most difficult of schedules, but they have passed every single test with flyer colors and have done everything that they’re supposed to this point. 

Following their dominant 52-10 victory over Minnesota on Saturday, head coach Jim Harbaugh couldn’t contain his enthusiasm and excitement for his star quarterback, J.J. McCarthy.

“There’s a lot of great quarterbacks around the country, and everyone’s talking about how maybe this is one of the best quarterback drafts ever. Sometimes they say that in September, early October, but I know there are a lot of really good ones. But nobody we’d rather have than J.J. McCarthy,” Harbaugh said.

“Haven’t watched all the guys, you know, kind of started to watch some of the others, but play for play, J.J. McCarthy … Maybe I’m a little biased, but I don’t think so. I’m trying not to be, but I think he’s the best one. I really do. No one we’d rather have. Just so proud of him.”

McCarthy has been rock-solid all season long, while flying relatively under the radar compared to other big-name quarterbacks across the country such as USC’s Caleb Williams and North Carolina’s Drake Maye.

“It’s like the young people say, he’s a dawg. D-A-W-G: disciplined athlete with grit, threw an acronym into it. That’s really what jumped out in my mind watching him play … He’s really in total control. The athleticism that it takes to do that is off the charts, it really is. But he’s great,” Harbaugh said of McCarthy.

The victory against Minnesota propelled Michigan to a 6-0 record, securing their place at #2 in the national rankings.

Their undefeated streak is expected to continue when they welcome in the Indiana Hoosiers on Saturday.

What is your take on Harbaugh’s comments?

Who do you think is the best quarterback in the country?

Looking at the big picture, do you view Michigan as the favorites to win the national championship?