Jets’ Zach Wilson Rejects Being Labeled A ‘Scapegoat’ Amid Benchment

New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson finds himself benched for the second time in his short NFL career, but he’s approaching the situation with a different perspective this time. One year ago, Wilson faced a benching for poor performance and deflecting blame after a game against the New England Patriots. This time, Wilson acknowledges the struggles of the entire offense, emphasizing the importance of scoring touchdowns as a quarterback.

The Jets’ offensive line issues, marked by constant changes, have contributed to the team’s challenges. Wilson, who ranks low in various quarterback metrics this season, has been replaced by journeyman Tim Boyle. Boyle, now the third starter for the Jets this season, will lead the team against the Miami Dolphins.

Wilson, drafted second overall in 2021, expressed a desire for the team’s success regardless of his role. While he acknowledges his growth as a player, he understands the accountability that comes with the quarterback position. The Jets, standing at 4-6, look for a fresh start under Boyle’s leadership against the Dolphins.