Jets Bring Back Aaron Rodgers For Practice In 2023 Season

In a recent announcement from the New York Jets, quarterback Aaron Rodgers will not see any game time for the remainder of the season due to his injury. However, Rodgers will continue to participate in practice sessions with the team.

Rodgers had a 21-day practice window that was set to close, and in a surprising move, the Jets decided to activate him to the 53-man roster for the final three games. While this allows him to be part of the team during practice, it’s worth noting that he won’t be playing in any actual games. Coach Robert Saleh made it clear that Rodgers won’t be taking the field for game action.

The Jets, who are currently out of playoff contention with a 5-9 record, have made this move as they believe they have enough flexibility within their roster. As a result, they now have four quarterbacks on their 53-man roster, including Zach Wilson, Trevor Siemian, and Brett Rypien. Wilson, who is in the concussion protocol after an injury in their last game, still has a chance to play in the upcoming match against the Washington Commanders.

Despite the hopes of a potential return, Rodgers officially announced on “The Pat McAfee Show” that he won’t be playing for the remainder of the season. His left Achilles is not yet fully healed, and he acknowledged that it might take another three weeks to reach 100%. He mentioned that he would have pushed to play if the Jets were still in contention for the playoffs, but their elimination sealed his decision.

Rodgers initially suffered an Achilles injury in the first week of the season, and it had a significant impact on the Jets’ performance this year. With Super Bowl aspirations turning into another year without playoff action, the Jets will be looking to finish the season on a strong note, even if Rodgers won’t be on the field.