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Jets Are Furious About Being Picked For Hard Knocks, Will Restrict Access

Jets Are Furious About Being Picked For Hard Knocks, Will Restrict Access

By this point, most everyone knows the New York Jets have been picked (forced) to be featured on this year’s edition of HBO’s “Hard Knocks.”

The decision came after a prolonged struggle to find a willing participant, as no team seemed eager to open their doors to the behind-the-scenes reality show.

Ultimately, the league resorted to basically forcing the Jets to take on the spotlight, leaving the team and its key members disheartened and resentful.

Among those voicing their displeasure was star quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who didn’t mince words in expressing the team’s sentiments: “The decision was forced down the team’s throat,” he remarked bluntly, reflecting the general sentiment within the organization.

ESPN’s NFL insider, Adam Schefter, elaborated on the circumstances surrounding the Jets selection during a segment on “Get Up.”

“The league wanted to go to the Jets, the Jets didn’t want it,” Schefter revealed, shedding further light on the situation. The selection process dragged on until the eleventh hour, with the Jets putting up a tenacious fight to avoid being chosen.

“The Jets fought it all along,” Schefter disclosed. “They met with NFL films and told them as clear as day, ‘We don’t want to do this.'”

Unlike the team’s previous experience on the show back in 2010, where they were more accommodating under Rex Ryan, this time, the Jets are determined not to be full passengers on the “Hard Knocks” journey.

Given their clear reluctance, the Jets cooperation with the show is expected to be minimal.

Schefter affirmed that “Hard Knocks” will not receive the usual unrestricted access it enjoys with other teams. Particularly, the emotionally challenging process of players getting cut will likely remain off-limits, as the Jets consider it inhumane to put such sensitive moments on display.

“The Jets are not interested in being partners with NFL Films,” Schefter explained. “The Jets are not going to provide the level of cooperation that the Lions provided last year or that other teams have provided in other years.”

This stance could make the upcoming season of “Hard Knocks” either exceptionally captivating or frustratingly uneventful, with little middle ground.

As the Jets prepare to report to training camp, their attitude towards the “Hard Knocks” camera crew doesn’t appear to be overly welcoming.

One thing is for sure – the entire football world is anxiously awaiting the first episode, set to air on Tuesday, August 8th, at 10pm EST.

Are you excited for Hard Knocks?

Is there another team you rather have featured?

Do you think the reported “lack of access” will significantly hurt the quality of the show?



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